LINKWITZ OpenHouse in Singapore

Jun 19th, Singapore LINKWITZ Lounge invited to an OpenHouse event , demoing LX521.4MG

We were pleased to see so many interested audiophiles showing up.
Thank you for your very positive comments and I hope you could experience that legendary lifelike soundstage presentation, that is not easy to describe and not easy to realize just from reading about it!

We played with varying sources

1) Laptop with HQplayer 5 DSD256 output to RME-DAC-LX521.4MG system

2) Lumin P1 streamer – Topping preamp -LX521.4MG system

3)Mola-Mola DAC – Topping preamp – LX521.4 system

4) Laptop with HQplayer 5 DSD256 out (sometimes at the edge of my laptops cpu power*) – HOLO May DAC – Topping preamp -LX521.4MG system.

*isssue solved: Investigation revealed, that pure DSD256 runs on ca 3% CPU load, while the same song stored as 16bit/48k, upsampled/converted to DSD256 needed 30+% CPU load!

Files played are available from eg. Sound Liaison and from nativeDSD.(eg Bird recordings by Doug Fearn).
NativeDSD sells a sampler of our featured one mic recordings at AXPONA.
Read about the revealing visit to Sound Liaison studio in Hilversum, featuring Carmen Gomes Inc.

We got quite some feedback on the one mic vs multi mic recording technique of the very same performance A/B. Blind tested. Files from sound engineers Doug Fearn (Outermarker Records) and Frans de Rond (Sound Liaison, featuring Carmen Gomes Inc). I would say 9/10 preferred the single mic versions, due to naturalness and believable soundstage presentation on LX521.4MG.

Thanks to Paul for this tremendous organization and realisation! Thank you Steven, Anne and Dave for your generous and helpful support!