Capturing the Essence: Carmen Gomes Inc. Live Recording Session

Sound Liaison is a renowned quality music label in the Netherlands.
Its sound engineer Frans de Rond invited us to be present during a very special recording session with Carmen Gomes Inc.
Frans de Rond is a highly experienced recording engineer, with expertise in both multi-mic and one-mic recordings.


This session was unique.
A setup, designed for both multi-mic and one-mic recordings simultaneously.
Frans knew how to position the musicians ideally for one-mic recording,
resulting in a good overall tonal balance.
While the multi-mic microphones were placed “as usual”.

Carmen Gomes (vocals): A seasoned jazz and blues singer, Carmen’s voice resonates with emotion and authenticity.
Folker Tettero (guitar): A master of his craft, Folker’s guitar work adds depth and texture to the ensemble.
Peter Bjørnild (double-bass): The heartbeat of the rhythm section, Peter’s bass lines provide the foundation.
Bert Kamsteeg (drums): Bert’s precise drumming drives the groove and keeps the energy alive.


On that fateful day, Carmen Gomes Inc. stepped onto the studio floor.
We witnessed magic unfold. Frans de Rond’s recording system preserved every nuance.
The band played straight from the heart, feeding off the studio’s energy and the presence of their listeners.
The band’s synergy enveloped us.


One mic recordings and their spatial resolution, rendered by Linkwitz Dipoles LX521.4: 
One-mic recordings paired with Linkwitz dipoles
create an audio synergy,
that feels like a match made in heaven.
Panzerholz Alu Anthracite topL
LX521´s ability to convey depth, naturalness and dynamics make it the perfect canvas for this experimental setup. 

Stay tuned and look out for the music files, that will emerge from this special session.

So, next time you listen to Carmen’s bluesy vocals or Peter’s resonant bass,
remember the studio in Hilversum—the place where music transcended technique.