May 9th -12th 2024

For the first time, LINKWITZ LX521.4MG played at the Munich Show.

Thanks to the team and
to all of you swinging by.
Thanks for the many individual “Best of Show” compliments.

LINKWITZ Munich 2024







With a free LINKWITZ rickshaw shuttle, audiophiles moved from the sometimes overcrowded main show to the Motorworld.



Just across the street. What used to be a steam locomotive repair hall, is now filled with nice cars…and recently with high-end loudspeakers, too.




International Audience @ LINKWITZ

The LINKWITZ room, even before official show hours,
offered opportunities to listen, gather, discuss,

Have a Break @ LINKWITZrelax and simply enjoy the music.

Jamie Howarth/Plangent Processes explained the virtues of
tape de-wowing with impressive A/B music samples.


Many will remember “Hotel California” live.

The Eagles virtual stage appeared in holographic depth separation
some meters behind the LX521s.
Even behind the black LINKWITZ screen banner.
Full House @ LINKWITZ

Audio Clubs joined as well.
Audio Club @ LINKWITZ

Until the next show, you can experience the LINKWITZ speakers
at one of our LINKWITZ lounges,
or in the comfort of your own home,
should you be the fortunate owner of a LINKWITZ system


High End Munich Report The Absolute Sound


Music source hardware and software cooperation in Munich:

Analog Audio Design: Tape Machine TP-1000

Grimm / Hörzone, streamer/DAC MU2 , playing nativeDSD and Evosound music files.

Backup: LINN Akurate DS (modded) and
Laptop with HQplayer 5 streaming DSD-direct to RME-2 DAC

LINKWITZ Munich 2024 setup