LX521 top baffle special edition

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LX521 top baffles, special series with Panzerholz core

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Special Edition of LX521 top baffle. The heavy dampening sandwich construction contains a Panzerholz core between aluminum outer layers.

All special top baffles come with hidden cable canals and our 6 pole electrical connector. The connection to the baffle stand is compatible to our turnkey and kit baffle stands (4 screws). Front and rear tweeter are inserted. All drivers inserted by request/selection


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Gewicht 9 kg

Amerikan. Walnuß auf PAnzerholz Kern, Arctic silberweiß Aluminium auf Panzerholzkern, Aluminium in Dunkelanthrazit auf Panzerholzkern

driver installation

all drivers installed, ready to play, only front and rear tweeter installed