Positive Sjöström Superregulator SSR01


Superregulators recommended by LINEAR AUDIO Vol 4:

providing a very stable, low noise and low impedance operating voltage for ASPs and other audio circuits


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  • This superregulator provides a very stable operating voltage.
  • They have been reviewed (measuring / listening tests) in LINEAR AUDIO vol 4. The review resulted in an author’s recommendation for these SSRs.
  • The Sjöström Superregulator SSR01 (red) provides stabilized positive DC and needs a supply of 3,5V higher than its output.
  • You may adjust the voltage by turning the golden knob on the blue multi-turn trimmer.
  • Optimum result are seen when the SSRs is placed close to the consumerrails.
  • If you do not place the SSRs close to the consumer: The SSR provide sense/feedback lines. Longer cable runs may profit from the sense lines of the SSR. For remote sensing, the tin jumpers J1&J2 must be open.

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