Live or Loudspeaker? ReferenceTest

Loudspeakers have an absolute reference when evaluating their performance: The live event!

We heard the live performance vs. the rendered recording over LX521.4MG.

Frank Bungarten – Five Preludes_ No. 4, Homenagem ao Indio Brasiliero. Lento” . With LX521.5MG, the phantom image of the guitar is located ca 4m/12ft behind the speakers.
The professional guitar player took place at just that “phantom image” position and played the Frank Bungarten tune flawlessly.
The volume of the LX521.4MG system was adjusted to match the live guitar volume.

Guitar player at the phatom image position

 Live performance and recording were played together, as well as alternating.

With eyes closed, the listener in the chair was not able to discriminate between the recording and the live performance!

A quite impressive demonstration of LX521.4MG´s performance.

“Loudspeaker evaluation is not like wine tasting”
As Siegfried Linkwitz pointed out, loudspeakers have an absolute reference: The live event.
LX521.4MG is able to perform along these premises.

You may enjoy a believable -even indistinguishable- copy of the musics live recording, yourself, with LINKWITZ LX521.4MG!