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“…It is the perfect choice for those who are not enthusiasts but still value a superior listening experience, as well as for experienced audiophiles who are searching for the Holy Grail. That makes it a unicorn product in our industry.


LX521 Breakthrough

“..with the Linkwitz 521.4, we have a speaker that can do imaging that’s unlike anything else I’ve ever heard, together with most of the other sound quality parameters we want and almost no drawbacks at a very reasonable price.
As you can tell, I’m impressed. I think you should go hear these if you’re shopping in this price range, and really you should hear these if you’re shopping above this price range.
I believe the Linkwitz 521.4 can be considered
a breakthrough in the sort of historical terms of breakthrough that I opened with: a speaker that does something that you really haven’t heard other speakers do…”


Rich Isaacs : Audio Nirvana – I found it


“The LX 521.4MG genuinely sounds like no other loudspeaker out there and they come the closest that I have heard in my home to recreating a convincing musical event.”