ASP LXmini®+2 Nelson Pass

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Analog Signal Processor (ASP) for LXmini®/LXsirius/ LXmini®+2/LXsirius+2/ LXstudio. The end user may always switch between these configurations.

For balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA, Cinch) in-/outputs.



JFET based design by Nelson Pass.

For LXmini, LXsirius,LXmini+2, LXsirius+2, LXstudio.

Gain adjustment via 8 pots. Our tailored 3mm massive aluminum case with stainless steel frontplate allows adjustment by screwdriver (case closed)

Connect via XLR or RCA plugs.

The Analog Signal Processor ASP) receives music signals from your preamp or (CD-) player, processes the signals for downstream external power amp(s)

Choose from

  • bare stereo pcb (recommeded only for the advanced DIYer), ca 381mm x 203mm, or
  • stereo pcb with ca 100 paired JFETs & corresponding bias resistors, other Cs and Rs, with or without 3mm massive aluminum case
  • assembled and tested stereo pcb with 3mm aluminum case, plugs included (please specify XLR or RCA-Cinch)

“…very nice sound. Finally I have a set-up that does justice to these speakers. Thank you! No more digital filtering going through multiple different DACs to feed each input of the speakers. Bass seems plenty in my small room just with the 5 inch Seas driver of the LXmini. I’ll listen in without any sub for a while. …ASP is a very worthwhile upgrade IMO! ” (Martin C. Ontario,CAN)

…just wanted to let you know the ASP powered up fine and all test points checked out. Used a TI TPS7A-based linear power supply. It is making sweet music as I write! I find it more resolving and smoother than the miniDSP2x4. The top end, in particular, is a noticeable step up and that alone makes the ASP worthwhile in my estimation. Thanks again and I suspect you may have one or two more sales to this little island” (Derek R, Barbados)

Number of required power amp channels:

4 power amp channels for LXmini®/LXsirius (eg two identical stereo amps)

6 power amp channels for LXmini®+2/LXsirius+2 (eg three identical stereo amps)

6 or 8 power amp channels for LXstudio (eg three or four identical stereo amps):

  • If a power amplifier is able to drive 2Ohm loads (paralleled L26), 6 channels are sufficient.
  • If a power amplifier requires minimum 4Ohm loads, each LXsub4 driver (4Ohms) will be supplied by its own amplifier channel.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Analog Signal Processsor (ASP)

DIY KIT, Nelson Pass PCB, ca 100 matched JFETs, bias Rs , Cs and Rs, without case & plugs, DIY KIT with Case, Nelson Pass, PCB, ca 100 matched JFETs, bias Rs , Cs and Rs, with 3mm massive aluminum case, plugs, Unpopulated Stereo PCB, Stuffed & Tested pcb, 3mm aluminum case

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