LXmini® Kit

From: 399,00 /pair

LXmini® was designed to render sound recordings with clarity, neutrality and with detailed, 3D-like imaging, when properly set up. The speakers will reveal what is in a recording, but never add unpleasantness. You will get lost in the music and have a big smile on your face, guaranteed!



“Dear Dr Brenner,

…by the way, and as Mr Linkwitz predicts, the LXmini (with PowerBox) has become the reference by which we judge other components, and recordings as well. Thanks again. James S., USA”


The LXmini® is a 2-way loudspeaker. The speakers frequency range extends from 45 Hz to 20 kHz. The horizontal and vertical off-axis frequency response, which is heard via the room, is spectrally neutral. Thus, listening off-axis merely changes the viewing angle to the phantom acoustic scene rendered by the seemingly absent loudspeakers.

LXmini® is a Do-It -Yourself kit . If you prefer a turnkey system, check LXsirius or a complete LXsirius system, including a PowerBox (all crossover electronics and multichannel amplification in a slim case).


Our DIY kits differ from the original LXmini® construction plans in some details.

  • hidden cabling
  • 1-click Neutrik speakON® connectors eliminate cabling errors
  • HDF (dark anthracite color) replaces MDF. HDF is more dense, harder and heavier than MDF. This avoids fringing of edges.
  • Precision CNC-mitered HDF baseplates allow main tube mounting without end-caps
  • upper tube mounting without visible screws
  • Mounting of fullrange driver without screws / holes


The DIY-kit contains

  • 4 original SEAS drivers (if selected)
  • CNCed HDF parts in (high density wooden material, without the downsides of MDF like soaking edges, etc).
  • Screwless fullrange driver mount, no visible screws on upper tube (screws crossed out red in picture)
  • Capless lower tube mount
  • Screwless upper tube support
  • 2 speakON® 4-way plugs “1-click”
  • 2 Upper Tubes, raw white, import, precision cut
  • 2 Lower Tube raw white import, precision cut
  • Screw Set upper tube
  • 2 new fullrange screwless mounting rings,
  • 2 Rubber Coupler (import)
  • 5 m cable 2x 1,5mm²
  • 2 packs Damp Wool Monacor MDM2, including material for 2 Strips MDM2 Damp Wool for Upper Tubes


Kit does not contain: Linkwitzlab LXmini® plans/license, Glue, Paint, Cables to the amplifier/PowerBox, crossover/amplifier only when selected (ASP/PowerBox), tools

Altough MiniDSP as crossover is an economic start point, you may consider an easy upgrade in sound quality: With a PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog or with a Nelson Pass ASP DIY-kit.

Furthermore, PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog and Nelson Pass ASP DIY-kit are prepared to add subwoofers

  • LXsub2 for LXmini+2  or
  • LXsub4 for LXstudio

Your music source (e.g. CD-player, turntable, network-player) feeds a  PowerBox6 pro NCore via standard interconnect cables….all signal processing and amplification will be inside the PowerBox….Easily connect your LXmini® speakers by 1-click speakON® fitted cables.


LINKWITZ kits require the ownership of the respective Linkwitzlab construction plan/license before shipping. Just add it to your basket. If you already own the license, please forward the purchase email, that shows your ownership to plans@magicLX521.com

A typical customer voice:

“Hi Frank,

Now that I have had a few weeks to listen to the LX mini, I thought I would send my thoughts on them. To start with, I was astounded at the quality of reproduction and the sound stage produced. SL really was a genius to come up with such an outstanding loudspeaker.

I have been listening to music and various HiFi systems since I started work in 1973. I have owned boxed loudspeakers, ported loudspeakers, transmission line loudspeakers, electrostatic loudspeakers, and active studio monitors. All of them worked and played music, but none of them were as engaging to listen to, or as musical as the LX mini. I have listened to the LX mini for hours at a time with no fatigue, just a smile on my face as I enjoyed the music. Listening to records I have owned since the 70’s, I would keep hearing new detail. Bass instruments were playing tunes, not just supplying the rhythm. Drums were tuned, not just thudding along. Multitracked vocals and instruments were clearly separated. The sound stage had width, depth and height that I have never noticed before, remarkable. From an engineering point of view, the analogue crossover and equalization are also amazingly good, totally silent with no hiss or hum. I am very pleased with the LX mini’s; it just goes to show how thinking out of the box can work.

I just feel sorry that most audiophiles will never hear reproduction like this.  Thank you, Frank.

Regards, Tony”  Anthony M. (United Kingdom), LXmini kit with ASP kit Nelson Pass

Additional information

Weight N/A
SEAS drivers

Drivers not included, Included, Alu Silver Woofer Cone(s), Included, Alu Black Woofer Cone(s) Special Edition

Analog Signal Processsor (ASP)

no Processor, PowerBox 6pro Ncore and SpeakOn Cable(s), DIY KIT, Nelson Pass PCB, ca 100 matched JFETs, bias Rs , Cs and Rs, without case & plugs, DIY KIT with Case, Nelson Pass, PCB, ca 100 matched JFETs, bias Rs , Cs and Rs, with 3mm massive aluminum case, plugs

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