PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog LX521


All you need between your analog source (turntable, preamp, DAC etc.) and your LXspeakers.

Purely analog signal processing for LX521®.

Volume should be adjusted upstream of the PowerBox

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  • Purely analog precision Audio Signal Processor, followed by 5 Hypex NCore power amplifiers with tailored performance: 1x100W, 2x125W, 2x250W, all amps are 2Ohms capable!
  • Balanced signal XLR input with 2-step rumble filter, RCA adaptor available
  • High End precision Audio Signal Processor with shortest feedback loops and dedicated ground returns.
  • New generation cascaded crossover ASP v2.0 with coherent phase relation between channels
  • Well decoupled +/-15V ASP rails, ultra lo noise / high spike suppression regulators
  • Tight tolerance 1-2% capacitors , selected for lowest distortion.
  • Tight tolerance 0,1% metal film precision audio resistors.
  • One PowerBox feeds one LX521 side, for a LX521 stereo pair order two PowerBoxes
  • High performance audio OpAmps, JFET and CMOS.
  • High current SpeakON output plugs: 2 SpeakONs replace 10 “banana” plugs.
  • +12dB gain option (jumper at case bottom)
  • Slim & quiet fan-less design in a massive 3mm full aluminum case: ca. 44 x 36 x 5,5 cm.
  • 12V trigger input.

This is a high power device (more than 1000W) for professional use acc EN 61000-3-2 (Class A). Its connection to the electric network may require approval by the local electricity supplier.

“Frank, I am very happy to report that this system is simply sensational. It sounded terrific….. but the placement still added a significant improvement. I’ve been listening every night since you gave me the placement specifications and they are incredible. Great job Frank. Thanks!”  Jeff R., Long Island, USA, PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog, LINKWITZ22MG upgrade)

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