XLR Interconnect: Refine Ultima Musica Grand Performance (7th Generation)

Refine Ultima Musica Grand Performance (7th Generation). HighEnd XLR interconnect cable pair.



Established in 2010, Refine GmbH has been in the field of production and distribution of components for the Hi-End market for more than ten years, with an extensive five-year research period. Their signal conductors and electronic components can be found in Hi-End devices of well-known manufacturers, however they also manufacture as OEM.

The love for music is their constant drive in development, believing that a combination of natural, holistic, temporally correct and spatial representation with all its facets is the foundation to enjoy the full emotion of sound. Clear and refined sound can take you into the world of the composer and makes it possible to understand music in its purest form.

The Ultima Musica Grand Performance (in its seventh generation) perfects this experience.

Through constant pursuit of perfection, research and development, Refine now uses a waveguide of pure silver as signal conductor, which is specially manufactured according to their technical specifications. A double-helix and up to seven coatings per cable result in a coming of the individual conductors and an insensitivity to structure-borne noise.

All components have been carefully selected according to our highest quality specifications.
Only their combination allows this unrivaled level of performance.
This Refine Ultima Musica Grand Performance cable is second to none!

Available in lengths 128cm, 192cm, 256cm. Beyond 256cm on request.

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