T.H.E. Show Los Angeles

June 9th to 11th 2023 in Costa Mesa, CA

Kevin, Michael, Don and Bruce did a great job during this year’s big US- west coast audio show.

This time, not only PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog configuration was performing,
but alternating as well a stack of 4 PASS stereo amplifiers on a precision ASP LX521 .


The design goal of LINKWITZ systems is to render the recorded sound and ambience as authentically as possible.
Thus, the feedback of artists and sound engineers involved is so important to us:


“…over the course of the day we had a number of VIP visitors, including recording engineers and artists.
Kirsten Edkins, complimented the system and said it sounded exactly like she heard it when playing in the room.
Kevin Gray, her engineer, came back twice to share the room with friends and raved about the accuracy of the system….”


More about Kevin Gray and Cohearent Records: