…and another BEST OF SHOW:

Life is back, meeting people, talking to friends, more than 140 listening rooms.

While being poorly covered by the established audio press, we would like to thank you for the many personal “BEST OF SHOW” compliments we received from you.

And a big “thank you” to the team in the LINKWITZ room: Fernando, Charlie, John and Worth.

Room size was rather small for a LX521.4 presentation 5,3 m x4,1 m. It had a fixed, large credenza table on the left wall, resulting in a somewhat asymmetric setup.

No room treatment applied!
No “room correction” by DSP!

Our signal chain consisted of an iPhone/iPad controlled LINN streamer (analog XLR stereo output).

Two Mogami Gold cables routed the analog music signal to a pair of PowerBoxes 6pro NCore precision analog (where the analog active crossover resides, followed by 5-ch NCore amplification with dedicated power: 100W/125W/125W/250W/250W). On the pictures, you see the two PowerBoxes on small tables in front of the window.

SpeakOn OFC multicore loudspeaker cables (2,5 m per side) fed the amplified analog signal into the LX521.4 speakers with Panzerholz top baffles (American Walnut surface) and upgraded low distortion driver LINKWITZ22MG.

Visitors in our room remarked the life-like sound stage illusion, that was experienced not only at the typical stereo-triangle, but as well in the other listening chairs and even in the door-entry-area.

The dipole bass went very deep (20Hz) and was at the same time powerful, dry and un-boomy.  We heard comments like : “…who else has the balls to play a double bass so powerful  and deep in a hotel room ?.”, “…an eerie life-like presentation”, …. Thanks for all the positive feedback we got!

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