APR 14-16, 2023, Schaumburg IL, Convention Center, room1539

The biggest US show. We mostly had an (over-) crowded room,
even before official show start and as well after hours.


Some music lovers stayed for long, just to enjoy the music we offered.
Music, that flew so effortless from the LX521.4MGs.

Shows like these are only possible with
an extraordinary team: Thank you!

We are grateful for those many
personal “Best Of Show” compliments,
that we received from you.

Moreover, for the first time, the Linkwitz LX521.4MG room
was covered by
the “big” US audio press. See more below…


Most respected industry professionals like
Jamie Howarth / Plangent Processes stepped by several times.
Jamie enjoyed the detailed presentation of
his restored historical tapes on LX521.4MG.

I’m still impressed by the beauty of
Jamie’s Bill Evens “Gary’s Theme”.
Thank you, Jamie!


Dipole bass: Whenever presenting dipoles on shows, bass performance skeptics
come in our room to feel the bass drum in the chest when we when pulled the volume temporarily up.
Additional background info why the dipole bass works so well can be found here



Tom Martin, Who was the Stand Out? | AXPONA 2023 Show Report,

see Linkwitz @ 32:30





Linkwitz (no longer just for DIYers) teams up with Linn, Kuzma, and Jeff Rowland Design Group.

Rogier van Bakel  |  Apr 21, 2023

I probably spent much of my time at AXPONA with a severe case of resting bitch face, as I’m usually concentrating hard. There’s a lot to cover, and a thousand facts to get straight. But during system auditions, I occasionally smiled too, sometimes unintentionally making eye contact with exhibitors who were excited to see that I was excited.

That’s what happened in the Linkwitz room, where CEO Frank Brenner and noted Linkwitz evangelist Charles Port were demoing the company’s LX521.4 open-baffle speakers…Read More


Linkwitz Audio

Manufactured in Germany, the Linkwitz Audio 521.4 MG is a speaker I have been intrigued by since I first saw it at an RMAF many years ago when Siegfried Linkwitz was still with us.
Each year after that, I would go by his room and marvel at the sound staging qualities of this speaker and how well it sounded in different rooms. Siegfried passed in 2018, but the speaker line lives on under the care of Dr. Frank Brenner at Linkwitz Audio. The speaker is well known to the DIY crowd, and Frank told me he is committed to keeping Siegfried’s website alive and supporting the DIY community. He is also committed to exposing and offering the 521.4 speakers in a finished form for those enthusiasts that want an all-in-one turnkey product. I received an email before the show about the latest version that uses a new 8″ driver designed explicitly for the 521.4MG by SEAS. It features a new ultra-low distortion motor and stiff magnesium cone to increase the speed and lower the harmonic distortion of that driver. Frank told me the new driver’s 2nd and 3rd-order harmonic distortion is now below the human perception threshold.
During a preshow Sunday morning listening session, the sound I experienced was even better than I remembered, with transparency, openness, and clarity in the midrange that I don’t recall hearing in the original version. It possessed an almost electrostatic quality. The imaging and sound field recreation were mesmerizing, as it always was, but now even more so. I became so involved with the music that I forgot to take a picture of the room setup, hence the stock picture above.
Suffice it to say this speaker is getting a full review that should drop here in September.
$17,900 /pr Speakers only, $23,900/pr with five channel Ncore amps (2)  and built-in 4-way ASP cascading crossover.


Linkwitz had their LX521 on display with their PowerBox Ncore amplifiers. The LX521 did a disappearing act that I can only say is astonishing. This bass was tight and musical and the speakers had great detail and energy. I stayed in the Linkwitz room longer than almost any other room today and that should say something.


Audiophile Junkie “Review From My Friends” @ 03:55 and on

“..and then Linkwitz….I never HEARD it before, it is something to experience!..”





ABX Audiophile: Sounded Fantastic, “….absolutely my favorites…” @ 22:35


Holy crap is this thing astonishing!
Out of everything I saw and heard yesterday, this was my fav.
I heard plenty of more expensive systems, but this thing checked all the boxes.
I loved mbl, acora, and magico, but LINKWITZ was a revelation.

If I had 20k to burn, they would be in my living room, no question!



“Had an amazing day at AXPONA today. I was only there today
so had to run around a lot to hear everything I wanted to.
Took a few pics of my favorite rooms, but there were plenty other greats that I didn’t include.
Speaker wise theLINKWITZ (first pic) were the best thing I heard all day.
I’ve heard great soundstages before and holographic imaging,
but this was different. It felt like the music was stretched
into this tangible environment that you were placed inside of.”


“The LINKWITZ 521 is the best I ever heard. I have the little LXmini and love them”


“…..There was something special about these speakers from the moment I stepped into the room. They literally stopped me in my tracks, their sound enveloping me entirely.

Although I wasn’t under the influence of anything other than coffee, it sounded like the various instruments were floating in the air before me and occupying different spaces within the room….”


…it really sounded fantastic…



The Linkwitz LX521.4MG loudspeakers. I’ve both seen and heard these speakers evolve over the years since the late Siegfried Linkwitz first brought them in rough form to RMAF …….. Fast forward to now and all I can say is they sound like nothing else.
They are in their most perfected form and I want to review them!
That is all.