APR 12-14, 2024, Schaumburg IL, Convention Center, Room #1421

The biggest US show.
After experiencing an (over-)crowded LINKWITZ room during recent shows,
this year we will be displaying in a bigger, double sized LINKWITZ suite #1421.

From the elevator, turn right, 30ft to reach us:



Introducing the LINKWITZ parlor. The LINKWITZ parlor is a small & exclusive gathering where industry experts share their audio wisdom. It’s not just speeches; it’s sonic symposia:

  1. Audiophile Background with Demos: Experts give you insights and you may experience meticulously curated sound samples—from delicate strings to thunderous bass.
  2. Dipole Loudspeakers: The flagship system Linkwitz LX521.4MG renders the demo files by presenting an uncanny and natural sound stage illusion.
  3. Engaging Talks: Ask questions, explore speaker design, and celebrate sound.

In summary, the Parlor is where audiophiles learn from the best and celebrate music.


Saturday Apr 13th, 2024, LINKWITZ room #1421

-11.00 a.m. Kevin Gray / COHEARENT records, the “master of mastering”

– 3.00 p.m. Evosound / Chris Connaker (Audiophile Style) features “A Shade of Blue” by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio




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