Testimonials LXmini+2/LXsirius+2

At first, I was a bit skeptical about all the praise Linkwitz speakers keep receiving. Especially the claim that they would sound so much different from most commercial speakers.

But now I can honestly say that SL’s promises were not empty. LXsirius together with Frank Brenner’s PowerBox 6pro NCore precision analog sounds better than anything I have heard before. I did not deem it possible for the sound stage to extend beyond the speakers in a stereo arrangement. (Damian G. , Switzerland)


Dear Dr Brenner,

… as Mr Linkwitz predicts, the LXmini (with PowerBox) has become the reference by which we judge other components, and recordings as well. Thanks again.
(James S., USA, LXmini and PowerBox) 



Hi Frank – just wanted to let you know the ASP powered up fine and all test points checked out. Used a TI TPS7A-based linear power supply. It is making sweet music as I write! I find it more resolving and smoother than the miniDSP2x4. The top end, in particular, is a noticeable step-up and that alone makes the ASP worthwhile in my estimation. Thanks again, and I suspect you may have one or two more sales to this little island. (Derek, Barbados –LXmini+2 with LXmini ASP)



“…very nice sound. Finally, I have a set-up that does justice to these speakers. Thank you! No more digital filtering going through multiple different DACs to feed each input of the speakers. Bass seems plenty in my small room just with the 5-inch SEAS driver of the LXmini. I’ll listen in without any sub for a while. …ASP is a very worthwhile upgrade IMO! ” (Martin C. Ontario, CAN)


STEREOPHILEs Reichert on Sunday” experienced the magic of LXmini and LX521 during RMAF (Denver): “The sound was so good that I am now a bout to go against my whole belief system and state: In the 4th and 5th Atrium floors that I covered, the best sound I heard was the in room with the lowest price system! The Linkwitzlab’s LXmini loudspeakers. But, the larger,.., quad-amplified LX521, shown above, provided even more satisfying results.”


The sound is just amazing. I am delighted. With LXSub2, these are so different speakers. And it is not that there is more bass. Bass is just more swift but everything else is better, other frequencies, details, space, air. You probably know this yourself…
I play the sound from ROON, through HQ Player and then to AFI USB. Both: the HQ Player and AFI USB make the difference.
Thanks again for all the effort. (Marcin S. Poland)

“… Thank you very much for your experienced tips and advices. Dipolar bass is addictive now! Wow! It has some unusual character that I had never experienced in my life and makes a delight to follow the phrasing in bassists, for example. LXSub2 is a marvel from my point of view and a allows a very well thought way to mechanically dampen room modes without additional digital processing. Its sound resembles me the “real thing” a lot (I was double bass player when younger)…”