LX521® Kit

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The LX521® exemplifies the best of 50 years of experimentation about rendering stereo recordings in domestic living spaces.

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Fully recessed cabling. Top-baffles and baffle supports already assembled, cables inserted. Precision mitered from dark anthracite HDF (High Density Fiberboard (density 1,0 ), which is ca. 50% more heavy than birch plywood (density 0,7) or MDF (density 0,7). Its even and optically appealing surface can be finished by (clear) lacquer. No dangling around of cables. Critical dimensions are machine calibrated.

“…I’ve used dipoles for years (Maggies, Martin Logan, Podium and Quad)
and I thought I understood what an open baffle speaker sounded like.I was wrong, very wrong. Siegfried Linkwitz` term “phantom scene” is
absolutely bang on. I’ve just emerged from 4 hours straight with a broad grin on my face, and am
about to go in for more…..” (Craig, Oxford/UK, LX521 owner)

“The speakers naturally disappear as soon as you start the music; you don’t even have to close your eyes. I would go even further—you have to make a slight mental effort to be aware that the speakers are actually there! It’s uncanny. The precise phantom images produce:d by the LX521 create the most solidly three-dimensional soundstage of any stereo system in my listening experience.” (TheAudioCritic.com, Peter Aczel)

“Just wanted to tell you that that a nephew recently payed me a visit. He had just bought an advanced surround system with B&W speakers and a NAD amplifier.  Because of budget restrictions he had to go for the CM9, but during the selection process he listened (blindly) to the store’s best speakers and (unsurprisingly) selected B&W 800 Diamond as the best-sounding. On this background he was completely shocked by the performance of the LX521. First of all he was impressed by the quality of the bass which was the best he ever heard, but also praised the transparent highs and the open midrange. Looking at the price, he declared that this had to be the bargain of the century. .. I am extremely satisfied with my system now,…..thank you (and Siegfried, of course) for the best speaker system I (and my nephew) have ever heard. Kind regardsTerje S. Norway, LX521& PowerBox 6pro NCore


Designed by Siegfried Linkwitz, free of commercial pressures, aiming for a fully satisfying enjoyment of his favorite music. With the LX521®, he has arrived at a level of performance, which made him search no further.

Neutral sound, clarity, speed, spatial openness and disappearance from one’s auditory illusion. It renders a superb recording, probably as good as it gets. A highly enjoyable experience.

The LX521® is a 4-way loudspeaker, designed as full-range dipole, for flat on-axis and off-axis response in the horizontal plane and frontal hemisphere. The speakers need breathing room of at least 1 m to the nearest large reflecting surfaces and a room with a minimum floor size of 25 sqm.


  • This pre-assembled LX521® kit is precision mitered from best quality dark anthracite HDF with HDF/MDF V-Frame woofers.
  • Top baffles are calibrated in thickness and fully assembled. Ready for driver insertion . Hidden cables are inserted and ready to be connected.
  • Baffle supports come assembled.
  • Dowels and chips make an easy mounting of bridges and V-frame woofers. No visible screws.
  • Woofer cables are elegantly hidden in side panel channels.
  • Original SEAS driver set (if selected)

Not included: Linkwitzlab® LX521® plans/license, paint, glue, tools, crossover & amplifier (ASP/PowerBox), amplifier cables.

LINKWITZ kits require the ownership of the respective Linkwitzlab construction plan/license before shipping. Just add it to your basket. If you already own the license, please forward the purchase email, that shows your ownership to plans@magicLX521.com

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