LX521® – Bridge and Topbaffle Kit

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Upgrade from LXstudio to LX521®. The reference speaker LX521® exemplifies the best of 50 years of experimentation about rendering stereo recordings in domestic living spaces.

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Fully recessed cabling. Precision mitered from dark anthracite HDF (High Density Fiberboard (density 1,0 ), which is ca. 50% more heavy than birch plywood (density 0,7) or MDF (density 0,7). Its even and optically appealing surface can be finished by (clear) lacquer. No dangling around of cables. 4 of 6 kit parts are already fully assembled, critical dimensions are machine calibrated.

This kit is for LXsub4/LXstudio owners, that decide to upgrade to the reference speaker LX521.


  • This 50% pre-assembled LX521® kit is precision mitered from best quality dark anthracite HDF (select your choice).
  • Topbaffles are calibrated in thickness and fully assembled. Ready for driver insertion . Hidden cables are inserted and ready to be connected.
  • Baffle supports come assembled.
  • Dowels make an easy mounting of bridge. Invisible screws.
  • Original SEAS driver set (if selected)

Not included: Linkwitzlab® LX521® plans/license, paint, glue, tools, crossover & amplifier (ASP/DSP/PowerBox), amplifier cables

LINKWITZ kits require the ownership of the respective Linkwitzlab construction plan/license before shipping. Just add it to your basket. If you already own the license, please forward the purchase email, that shows your ownership to plans@magicLX521.com

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